Summer Farm Update

As our pre-registration date at Little Seeds Farm School grows closer, I thought I’d take the chance to provide our very first Seasonal Farm Update for Summer 2014!

Summer is a time when the farm is in full bloom and many exciting fruiting plants are beginning to ripen their delicious bounty.

At Little Seeds Farm School our newly dug pumpkin patch is producing a plethora of small-medium pumpkins that we think will be perfect our students when we grow them again next year.green_tomato

Our heirloom tomatoes – always a favorite for fresh eating and sauce & salsa canning – are setting out loads of green fruit that will ripen to shades of beautiful red, orange and yellow in the following weeks.

Peppers are one of our favorite things to grow and this year we’ve planted a wide variety – Sweet Banana Peppers, King of the North and Orange Bells, Red Pimentos and – best of all for little eaters – Mini Bell Peppers!

Our raspberry patch has given the last of it’s delicious fruit for the season but we are in full production of cucumbers, pumpkins, golden and red beets, sunflowers, greens and a bevy of different herbs.

We’ve recently planted additional beds of kale, chard and heirloom lettuces that we grow and cut young for tender and nutritious salad mixes.

There’s a lot of seed-starting going on at this time of year to supply our Fall and Winter gardens with carefully tended young plants that thrive in the cooler weather. We can’t wait to send home tons of these little seedlings with our students who will be starting with us next year so that they can continue their gardening adventures and use what they’ve learned at Little Seeds Farm School at home!