Natural Material Crafts

One of our fun curriculum goals at Little Seeds is incorporating as many natural materials as possible into our crafting projects. The tradition of wildcrafting – harvesting plants from their natural habitat for food or medicinal purposes – has been practiced for millennia and we like to think of this as our own version!

Little Seeds Farm School students are very often exploring nature with their teachers and we use these opportunities to keep a look out for inspiring crafting materials. Our students are encouraged to suggest uses for the things they see and the teachers have worked hard to build a collection of projects that utilize the natural beauty of our environment.

Some of our favorite projects include creating our very own fabric dyes from plant materials, crafting herb satchets for natural air fresheners and playing with herb and flower infused sand. We collect rocks, sticks and pine cones for all sorts of projects. Seeds make amazing crafting implements with all their various shapes, sizes and colors and some of our projects can even be planted afterwards to grow!

As our students arrive and we begin creating projects, this blog will be updated weekly showing off all of this special work!