Child Focused Learning

At Little Seeds Farm School each season brings with it a fresh and educationally-rich curriculum that has been carefully crafted to engage our students fully in a fun and rewarding learning process.

Our school’s curriculum draws extensively from the tenets of both the Montessori and Waldorf teaching traditions including their focus on hands-on learning, social development strategies, democratic organizational practices and independent mindedness. Little Seeds Farm School, however is not a “Montessori School” or “Waldorf School” as Teacher Brittany combines the wisdom of these methods with her experience interacting with and teaching children and families abroad, her passion for kinesthetic learning and well-being and her love for sustainable lifestyles. Little Seeds Farm School’s focus on agriculture, traditional¬†living in harmony with the ecosystem are unique specialties that our student’s naturally connect with!

Our classroom environment is designed around themed areas of study. Our science center includes a worm farm, an archaeology area with crystals and geodes to discover and various materials for experiencing scientific concepts. Our dramatic area features costumes and props of all kinds for our children to learn through role playing. Our outdoor space is complete with a log-built sandbox, individual vegetable and herb gardens for students, digging and water tables and much more!

What We Studyflowerbox

Our areas of study shift with the changing seasons to emphasize our connection with the land. We also incorporate new themes to more perfectly match the interests of our small classes.

On any given day, you’re likely to find us working on some of the following:

Language –

Teacher Brittany is an¬†avid reader and fluent Spanish speaker! Language is one of our most fundamental skills and to get our student’s ready for kindergarten we spend more time than the average preschool on developing it. Instilling a deeply-rooted positive association with reading is one of our most cherished goals as it encourages our children towards an expanded mind and worldview as they mature.

Creativity –

There are unlimited ways to nurture a child’s creativity and Little Seeds works with each student to uncover their individual artist within. We do this by introducing beauty into our environment and learning to appreciate the input of our senses. Little Seeds Farm School includes units on famous artists, poets and musicians in a form that our young learners can appreciate.

Music and Movement –

Our mornings begin with stretching and deep breathing in preparation for the day ahead. We emphasize fitness and movement to set our student’s on the path to a healthy life. Teacher Brittany is a certified Zumba instructor and loves to incorporate dance into the daily routine at Little Seeds. Music is also a constant at our school! Our daily soundtrack includes pieces from the greatest musicians in history to broaden the perceptions of our children. Students are exposed to a diversity of musical styles from Classical to Folk, Jazz to World Music and musicians both historical and contemporary.

American and World Heritage –

We love celebrating our beautiful world at Little Seeds Farm School! Whether it’s a unit on Oregon’s rich homesteading tradition, an exploration of the flora and fauna of Africa’s savannah or an afternoon practicing Impressionist art in the style of Claude Monet, we teach history in ways that our young students can appreciate and enjoy.

Food and Nutrition –

Little seeds provides two healthy organic snacks everyday. Our students assist in the preparation of their snack to help inspire conscious, mindful eating. We emphasize gratitude for each meal and appreciate its life-giving energy for the day. We spend time discussing the quality of our foods that we put in our bodies and the importance of local food systems. Seasonal eating is especially emphasized at our school and our students gain an extensive knowledge of the gifts that each season brings through a hands-on program of growing, harvesting and meal preparation.

Crafting and Heritage Skills –

We cultivate an adventurous, self-sufficient spirit in our students by involving them in a full array of homestead skills that children of a bygone era would engage in. We love to craft with natural materials, create food from scratch, go on nature walks and more!