pepper_girlsWhat is Little Seeds Farm School?

Little Seeds Farm School is an urban farm preschool in Portland, Oregon. Our educational program takes inspiration from many early learning theorists including Maria Montessori, Jerome Bruner (discovery learning theory) and John Dewey (progressive education) and combines this wisdom with Teacher Brittany’s passion for self-care, travel and the agrarian lifestyle.

Our days are focused around “work time”, a self-directed, play-based engagement method that encourages independent learning, tranquility and respect for our surroundings. Drawing from the Montessori tradition, we encourage practical life skills in our dramatic role play such as house cleaning, cooking, gardening and crafting.

We believe a beautiful and peaceful environment is crucial to successful learning and we provide a warm and healthy space in which to thrive. The Little Seeds Farm School classroom is a democracy in which we allow and encourage the freedom of self expression and direction. In our structured space, children work together to grow at their own pace while also enjoying a loving and supportive community.

We recognize that children are born capable of connecting with the land in a very special way and are committed to enriching our student’s lives through celebration of this natural bond. Every day is an opportunity to get outside and use our senses. The exposure to science, nature and art naturally inspire the three R’s (reading, writing and arithmetic).

Our curriculum honors heritage traditions such as art, crafting, storytelling, farming, animal care and much more. In a world that is moving faster each day, Little Seeds Farm School strives to foster an environment where our small group of students can slow down, listen to their emotions and kindle a lifetime passion for learning.

 Our Environment

Little Seeds Farm School is located on a spacious corner lot in the beautiful Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood of SE Portland, Oregon.

Our urban farm grows hundreds of pounds of fruits and vegetables each year, is home to a flock of chickens (and, as our first class of students arrives, a pair of baby milking goats) and produces agrarian edibles and crafts such as butter, cheese, soap, candles and more.

Opportunities for teaching biology, horticulture and sustainability abound in this environment and our teachers relate these subjects to our students on a level that engages their natural curiosity.

Little Seeds Farm School almost exclusively uses materials such as wood and natural fabrics instead of plastic in our furniture, toys and outdoor environment.

Our indoor space is decorated in an adventurous wilderness theme including a pair of play structures – the Little Seeds Ranger Station and Little Seeds Trading Post. Other favorites include our bug house (a walk-in habitat for hatching butterflies and ladybugs), covered wagon, teepee, play kitchen and extensive seed starting area.

Outdoors we are currently constructing our barn and goat enclosure which will house a pair of milking goats raised as babies right on the farm. Other outdoor features include our log built sandbox, water and digging areas, chicken coop, individual garden beds for students, greenhouse, fairy garden and much more!

Our environment at Little Seeds Farm School is 100% free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and we use only organic cleaning products on all of our toys, materials and surfaces.


Meet Our Teachers

Teacher Brittany

Brittany is Little Seeds Farm School’s co-creator and head teacher.

She is an Oregon native who first discovered her love for teaching while abroad in Salamanca, Spain where she was studying language and art history. While in Spain she began teaching preschool English and has been a teacher in some form ever since.

After her time in Spain, Brittany traveled throughout Europe and Asia, broadening her appreciation for the close-knit family structures around the world and their heritage traditions. She spent time volunteering at a school for orphaned girls 5 hours outside of Kathmandu, Nepal where she taught language and played countless hours of soccer!

She returned to the States and continued her education at Portland State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Spanish.

She taught preschool at an education rich and communal school in Portland for 2 years before creating Little Seeds Farm School to further her vision of the ideal educational experience for children in their crucial formative years. She continues to fulfill her love of learning in workshops and seminars to deepen her knowledge and teaching skills.

Brittany has taught dance for over 5 years after falling in love with the art form in Costa Rica. She is an active artist and craftsperson, creating a handmade line of jewelry called WILDFEATHER that is available in local Portland boutique shops. She loves to spend time with her family and friends, go for outdoor adventures, practice yoga and develop new creative curriculum with her students.

Brittany’s additional qualifications include: RCAN (Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect, First Aid, CPR, Oregon Criminal Background Checked, Food Handlers License, Registered Family Childcare Home.  Brittany’s education included over 40 hours training in the Child Resource and Referral Program in Multnomah County and over 50 college credits toward Early Childhood Education.

Teacher Geoffgeoff_bio

Geoff is Little Seeds Farm School’s co-creator and Head Farmer.

He has an extensive background in farming and cooking – including working at a local organic farm just outside of Portland that delivered produce to the city’s most well-known restaurants. Geoff uses this experience to inspire Little Seeds Farm School’s healthy, seasonal eating program and manage our biodynamic farm. He uses the school’s garden space to teach biology, horticulture, mathematics, sustainability and other scientific disciplines in a way that students of all age groups can engage in.

Geoff uses his cooking knowledge to create scratch-made recipes that utilize our farm’s seasonal produce with the full participation of the Little Seeds students.

Geoff is also a graphic designer and web developer and loves using his creative skills to enhance the Little Seeds Farm School curriculum and crafting projects. He is an avid reader, guitar player and woodworker and enjoys sharing all of these hobbies with his students as well.